Faith of Our Fathers TTBB

(listed in: Hymns TTBB )

Men's arrangement with piano accompaniment. The second verse is to be sung a'cappella, but piano parts are provided.

This arrangement was originally written for a Stake Conference Adult meeting special number in 1997. It was tweaked a bit in 2000 and performed by a local community men's choir.

Also included is a demo MP3 file made with Finale 2008 and Garritan Personal Orchestra. This is definitely a computer generated sound, but will still help give the listener a sense of the musical arrangement.

The pdf file is formatted in Octavo format, 10.5" X 6.5". When printed and copied on 11" X 17" paper, then cut to size it can be folded into a standard sized choir music.

Faith_of_our_fathers1200dpi (.PDF)
Faith of Our Fathers TTBB
Faith_of_Our_Fathers_Demo (.MP3)
Faith of Our Fathers MP3 Demo